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Allways a work in progress!!!


These pages are developed to preserve and develope the art of Tuhon Ray in Norway. Everyone is welcome to be a part of FCS Norway and the FCS worldwide. No politics, it's all about Filipino Martial Arts and friendship.


We will try to keep these pages up to date, so please check in often to get the updates and new information.


The FCS representative in Norway is Joern Johannessen. If you have any questions please contact him on 

e-mail: jo-joh2@online.no

or phone number: +4790651860 


If anyone allready is a member of the FCS, or decides to sign up for membership with the FCS, please let us now so that we can get you into our system here in Norway.


Any FCS activity in Norway is to go through the FCS representative in Norway. If anyone is interested in conducting an FCS seminar or workshop in Norway, please get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist you.














News feed:

Update Feb 04 2012

The information about the seminar in Haugesund has been added on the seminar pages



Update Jan 03 2011

The info about the 4.th Scandinavian Gathering in Norway with Ray has been added on the seminar pages



Update Jan 01 2011

Info about FCS Trondheim has been added to the "tribes" page.




By request I have now uploaded the basic outline of the TW Kali grading system.




Update Aug 30 2010

The practice hours for the Haugesund group has been altered



Update Aug 23 2010

Practice hours for the Ørsta and Haugesund tribes are updated



Update Aug 16 2010

Info about the 2.nd Scandinavian Gathering with Ray in Drammen, Norway Oct. 15.-17 2010 has been added




Update June 05 2010

Photo album from Haugesund May 2010 added to the photo album


Update May 23 2010

Info about FCS seminar in Haugesund May 29-30 2010 has been added



Update April 30 2010

The TW Kali page has been updated with the Junior Curriculum.


Info about FCS Haugesund has been added to the Tribes page.


The next Gathering in Norway with Ray Dionaldo will be in Drammen October 15-17 2010, More info will be added soon.





Update April 06 2010

The info on the seminar in Haugesund April 17-18 has been added to the seminar pages.


Update March 20 2010

The FCS Kali Curriculum and the TW Kali Curriculum has now been added as pdf files for downloading.


A "junior" program for the TW Kali will be added soon and to be implemented in Ørsta...




Updates 31.03.09

FFS Kali has changed it's name to WT Kali

The curriculum of the WT Kali has been added to the website






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The 1.st FCS seminar in Norway with Tuhon Ray Feb.27-March.1 2009. Click above for the info.





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