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Ørsta Kampsport Klubb got started October.21 1995 by Joern Johannessen. At that time he had already been training and teaching different martial arts since about 1977, but felt a need for something new and different (You can read more about Joern by following the link on the right side of the screen).


He started his FMA training with Modern Arnis and had regular instructions and arranged seminars in Ørsta with Aage Thoen from Oslo. He also attended seminars in Oslo with Johan Skaalberg (Modern Arnis), Jeff Espinous (Kali Sikaran) and Mike Inay (Inayan Escrima) for a few years until his work with Taekwondo started taking up to much of his time. After that FMA was mostly practiced one in a while during TKD training and during some weekends.


The club got back on it's feet properly January 26. 2003 when Joern arranged a seminar in Ørsta with Johan Skaalberg (he had then become the co-founder of Kali Sikaran and President of the IKAEF). We practiced FMA for about 1,5 years in the Dojo of the WJJF Headquarters in Norway. For a little while after that we were without any facility to have regular instruction in, so we focused on weekend seminars until we started having regular training again at Mork Grendahus. At this time we usually had J. Skaalberg seminars here 2 times each year.  


Due to low participation during seminars we had to stop having local seminars with J. Skaalberg, and we tried to focus on attending seminars arranged elsewhere (also in regards to level/phase testing), but most student didn't want to spend that much money. So due to the student loosing the option of getting somewhere (a new level/phase) we lost a lot of students.


This is the reason we created our own "curriculum", so that we had something to offer our students in ways of "achieving something", and "getting somewhere" through their FMA practice. This system is called TW Kali (Tribal Warriors Kali). It was only supposed to be a temporary system until "the times" got better, but at this time Joern also got more commitments in life and had to stop traveling to IKAEF/Kali Sikaran seminar himself (the plan was to get back to focusing on the IKAEF/Kali Sikaran after a while).


That is when he started using the internet and YouTube for inspiration in his FMA practise. On the YouTube he found some very interesting videoclips interesting, Filipino Combat Systems and Ray Dionaldo! (the "name" of our own private system was inspired by the name of the FCS, but the curriculum got started before the name was chosen).


Through the homepage of the FCS Kali Joern signed up for a membership in the FCS and also bought some DVD's to see more of the style. This was very different from what Joern had practiced earlier and seemed perfect as an addition to his FMA training.


During the Easter holidays of 2008 Joern felt a need to "get away" for a holiday and decided to attend the FCS seminar in Budapest, Hungary. Meeting the people that attended the FCS seminar, and meeting Ray Dionaldo gave Joern a taste for more of the FCS. The amazing feeling of FAMILY (which is the most important part of the FCS) made Joern decide to stick to the FCS as the main system in his club together with his own system. And during the seminar in Hungary Ray accepted Joern as "The Norwegian Representative of the FCS", this he feels is a great honor, and inspires him to make the FCS grow in Norway.


The first seminar with Ray in Norway was held at the end of February 2009, and there is much more to come!








Joern's M.A. history »

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Wednesdays at Vikemarka skole

20.30 - 22.00

Senior (15+)


Thursdays at

Vikemarka skole

19.00 - 20.30

Junior + Senior


Fridays at

Vikemarka skole

19.30 - 21.00

Senior (15+)


We also have fun during some weekends!! Keep a lookout for information!!




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