Time to Make Your Self Some Solar Christmas Lights

Utility bills are strained during the Christmas season as spectacular light displays can be seen in neighborhoods across the country. Solar Christmas lights could be of great benefit at this time of year by reducing the strain on our electricity supply. If you spend $ 29.95 ± $ 20, you can easily buy a set of solar Christmas lights. These sets can be used in many circumstances, but sometimes they don’t quite fit what you want.
The solution to this is to create your own set. Since you would buy each piece individually, you will probably spend a bit more money doing it this way. For some, however, this will be offset by the ability to create the exact lighting system they wanted. The benefits are purely subjective and include things like being able to use any size LED in your holiday lights and being able to control the size of your solar panel and battery.
Another benefit is that the parts you buy for your equipment can have other uses throughout the year. For example, the solar panel you use to turn on your lights could probably be used to charge your car battery or recharge an RV’s batteries. You can also change the color of the bulbs and use them for garden decoration best led strip christmas lights or other parties you can change the bulbs to an appropriate color, for example orange could be used for Halloween.
The solar panel, battery, and LEDs make up the main part of your solar Christmas light kit, but there is more. When the sun rises, you will need a sensor to turn off the lights; otherwise they will keep working all day and drain your battery. You may also need to protect your battery from being overcharged, and there are systems designed for this.
There are places on the internet like solarChristmasslights.com that contain data designed to help you build your own solar Christmas lights. And before I forget. Making your own can bring personal satisfaction that you won’t get from spending $ 19.95 at your local hardware store.